Garfield School Offers Students Many Activities

There are many activities for students at Garfield School. For more information read below.

Room Parties

The PTO sponsors three room parties a year (approximately 1 hour each) - Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. Parents sign up to bring treats for the parties. ALL treats must be store bought, pre-packaged and must not contain nuts. Thank you for helping to keep our children with allergies safe!. We honor the fact that some religious groups do not desire their children to participate, and these children will be excused from the parties. All special parties need to be approved by the principal.

Field Trips

The school district realizes the potential worth of educational field trips and the fact that they can enrich activities, create interest and enthusiasm, and present learning experiences to children.

Positive Behavior Rewards

Garfield rewards students for positive behavior. Classes earn tickets from staff members, who are not their classroom teachers, for showing excellent behavior in the halls, at lunch, in specials classes (art, music, PE, library), interventions, and when there is a substitute. Each ticket is taped on to a large paper jar. Once the 'jar' is full, students earn a special activity. An example of this activity includes watching a movie in the theatre at LCC.

Spelling Bee

Third Grade holds a Spelling Bee in April of every school year. Each classroom is represented by three third grade students selected by winning their class spelling bee held by the classroom teacher. It is a low stress and fun way to prepare third graders for larger and more competitive events in the future.

Yearbook Signing

The yearbook for Parsons Elementary Schools is a full color, 60 page, soft back book that includes students from all three of our elementary buildings, grades preK- 5th. Every year our cover is chosen by the 5th graders. Each class has its own page of candid photos that paint a picture of each of our unique classrooms. In Spring each year when the yearbook comes out, students at Garfield School gather together to sign each others yearbooks and enjoy a refreshing treat.